Class of '16, Alumni


Mikey Acosta

Co-Business Director

Head of Mechanical Committee

4 years on Team 701


Mikey says he is "the sexiest man alive." He plays soccer and baseball in the off-season. He wants to have "a lot done" when he's older and "not stop" after attending Diablo Valley College.


Nick Fisher

Engineering Director

Head of Mechanical Committee

4 years on Team 701


Nick is known to everyone as "Fish". He is "his own species." He loves to play Xbox, wacth Netflix, and bike. Fish is an "amazing person" and "everyone loves him!" He wants to become a mechanical engineer after attending UC Merced.


Ben Jang

Design Committee Member

1 year on Team 701


Ben loves to watch anime and has a unique sense of humor. He may seem quiet at first, but he actually loves to get involved. His favorite game is League of Legends and has beaten Kyler with little to no experience of the game. He plans to become a video game designer.


Ryan Lee


Head of Programming Committee

Mechanical Committee Member

4 years on Team 701


Ryan likes to play video games, watch NOVA and History and Nature channels, and doing homework. He says he is awesome and everything, and is the Elisha Blue before Elisha Blue was on the team. He says he's not taking his picture because he's "too good for the camera, and the camera is afraid of him." Ryan wants to become an astrophysicist after attending UC Berkeley.

Mackensie Murphy


Head of Design Committee

4 years on Team 701


Mackensie leads the design committee. She loves going camping, hiking, and bike-riding with her family. After high school, she would like to work in the outdoors. At competition, the loudest cheering will be coming from her. She will attend school at San Diego State.


Omena Mushale

Head of Media Committee

Awards Committee Member

Electrical Committee Member


3 years on Team 701


Omena loves to read, research Air Force planes, and play Warface on Steam. He wants to become a drone pilot or cybersecurity officer after graduating from the United States Air Force Academy.

Robert Reyes

Mechanical Committee Member

1 year on Team 701


"The sun sucks" - Robert Reyes

After Robert graduates he would like to pursue a career in mechanical engineering.