Class of '17, 



Tiara Dayrit

Business Director

Awards Committee Member

Electrical Committee Member

3rd year on Team 701


Tia enjoys working with the people in robotics, and especially favors working with the Awards. Her best quality is staying true to herself. In the future, she would like to go into electrical engineering. Currently, she is enrolled at UC Merced.


Gabby Hansen

Vice President
Head of Awards Committee Member

Electrical Co-head Committee Member

3rd year on Team 701


Gabby likes spending time with her friends in robotics as they work together and bond. Her favorite things are soldering, food, sleep, and has a keen interest in math. She plans on working in the electrical engineering field after she graduates from USC.


Edesiri Mushale

Engineering Director

Awards Committee Member

Mechanical Committee Member

4th year on Team 701

Edesiri loves being able to solve problems with the whole team and having a lot of fun while doing so. He likes to sing in his church choir, play tennis, and spend his free time engaged in video games. In the future, he is interested working in biomedical engineering. He is currently attending Rice University.


Cynthia Ojeda

Electrical Committee Member

Awards Committee Member

Head of Media Committee

3rd year on Team 701


Cynthia loves Starbucks and Chick-fil-A. She plays softball during the offseason and likes to go shopping. She wants to be an aerospace engineer. After graduating, she went on to attend DVC.


Johnny Perez

Head of Electrical Committee

3rd year on Team 701


Johnny likes anything to do with movies and comics. He enjoys working with the members of the team. With his interest in movies, he would like to become a filmmaker in the future. Johnny is currently studying and Solano Community College.

Olivia Salvador

Head of Programming Committee

3rd year on Team 701


Olivia LOVES to read. She plays four different instruments and has written a book before. She enjoys working with people on the team and programming together. She likes spending all of her free time on her computer. Her interests in the future are to go into White Hat Security, just after she finishes at CSU Sacramento.


Connor Thrasher


Awards Committe Member

Mechanical Committee Member

4th year on Team 701

Connor's favorite thing about robotics is watching all the different components of a robot come together. He likes 3-d printing and pushing the team members to put in the best effort. In his future, he would like to live with multiple cats and major in biology, but first, he is going to attend UC Santa Barbara.